The 5 Best Sun Hats for Hiking Kids

Find The Best Suitable Outdoor Hat For Your Little Adventures


Seeing the dazzling hats, do you know how to choose a hat for your little adventurer? The following are some suggestions we have made based on the characteristics of different hats and the use needs of active children in different scenarios.

Parent-child Top Air Seamless Hat

This hat comes in a matching design for parents and children, allowing each family member to pick their own. With its ultra-lightweight design at just 52g, it’s virtually weightless when worn. The extended brim offers excellent sun protection while maintaining a lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and highly packable design. Thanks to its elasticity, it provides great comfort, and the open-top design allows for a wide range of head sizes to wear it comfortably. Its seamless one-piece design exudes simplicity and is a must-have for everyone.


Kids Washed Cotton Baseball Hat

This washed cotton baseball hat has a hint of vintage style and is a favorite among young backpackers. It’s compact and minimalist, making it easy to wear, and lets the breeze flow smoothly around your neck, keeping you cool. It’s versatile and suitable for activities like hiking and running. You’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it all day.


Kids Foldable Fishing Cowboy Hat

This hat not only protects your skin but also captures hearts with its clean lines and classic soft hat style. It’s like having two hats in one – you can button up the sides to transform it into a cowboy hat or leave it down as a fishing hat. The brim provides sun coverage without obstructing your view. It’s stylish and suitable for various outfits and casual activities. It can be folded at will and easily stashed in your bag. With multiple color options, there’s a perfect choice for everyone.


Kids Fishing Cowboy Hat with Short Neck Flap


This hat features a sturdy front brim that maintains its shape no matter how active your child is. It doesn’t block their view and has an extended sun-protective fabric at the back of the neck – lightweight, breathable, and not cumbersome during hikes. The balanced design ensures the brim stays down and doesn’t flip up or obscure the face due to movement. It offers excellent breathability with ventilation on both sides and a windproof cord for windy conditions, making it suitable for frequent hiking.


Kids Double Brim Bucket Hat


Among these options, the double-brimmed hat stands out as the most stylish. Its unique design makes it eye-catching in a crowd, with different lengths of sturdy brims in the front and back for facial and neck protection, making it a top choice for travel. The brims are hard to wrinkle and maintain their shape. It also has an adjustable elastic cord at the back, suitable for kids aged 3-8.

Considering factors like protection, comfort, breathability, durability, and style, you can assess the pros and cons of these hats and choose the one that suits your outdoor activities best. Remember, the American Cancer Society recommends staying out of the sun, especially from 10 AM to 2 PM, as the best sun protection. When you must be outdoors, the right sun hat can provide substantial protection. So, pick the perfect hat for your young adventurers today.

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