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Pocobush is a minimalist clothing and outdoor gear brand created exclusively for 2-14 years kids, focusing on kids’ outdoor hiking, camping, biking, swimming, kayaking and other activity scenarios. The brand was founded with a clear mission: to empower children embark on their adventures by offering safe, durable, minimalist , lightweight, and versatile outdoor clothing and gear.

“Always a win when you pass the ability to get along with nature on the the next generation.”

We firmly believe kids spent in nature offers countless benefits – enhanced physical fitness, increased patience, heightened confidence, and reduced anxiety. We recommend that all parents explore the enlightening insights provided in the ‘Nature Nurtures Children‘ and ‘Children and Nature‘ reports by UCL.


We aspire to provide children and family with more exposure to nature, enabling them to learn about the environment, cultivate a sense of protection, strengthen their values and create unforgettable memories. However, we understand the challenges parents face when planning outdoor activities with their children, including the lack of suitable outdoor clothing and equipment. Most outdoor equipment brands focused solely on products for adults, leaving parents struggling to find suitable gear for their kids. That’s where we come in.

Providing high-quality comfort-first clothing for kids is also an environmentally friendly approach. We use self-developed fabrics and collaborate with many high-end fabric manufacturers, such as Redefinition ® HUGO ® Flypinna ® Goreal ® Green Earth ® Blockmax ® etc. We also take special care to design clothing tailored to specific sports and activities, such as dedicated kids sports clothes, hiking clothes, kids swimwear, kids cycling attire, kids rain gear and more.


Although we are still small business, we’re passionate about the environment and sustainability. We will choose eco-friendly materials whenever possible, we provide trade-in program for poco-parents, some of our packaging is designed for reuse, promoting a culture of recycling. Additionally, we’re planning collaborate with local youth outdoor organizations for clean-up initiatives, these initiatives demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability and our aspiration to be role models for our children.







*The website is jointly operated by POCOBUSH TECHNOLOGY registered at Rongchao Economic and Trade Center, Shenzhen, China and MAYLERESCAPE LIMITED registered at UNIT# 2052 275 NEW NORTH ROAD LONDON UNITED KINGDOM N1 7AA*

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