Taxes & Duties

The following information is provided to help you understand VAT (Value Added Tax) and Custom duties when you purchasing from another countries:

1.VAT Within the EU Area:
If your billing or delivery address is within the EU Area or specific countries, we are legally obligated to collect VAT at the prevailing rate, which is typically around 20%, you can check details on below [form 1]. Please note that this tax is not included in the product prices displayed on our website. The exact tax amount will be shown when you specify your shipping country during the checkout process.

2.VAT for Special Countries:
If you are in United States/Singapore/New Zealand/Australia/Philippines, your countries offer tax exemptions for international purchases for certain amount, you can check details in [form 2]. This means you will not be charged VAT during checkout if the total amount below the tax threshold.

3.VAT for Other International Shoppers:
If you are NOT in any of the country in [form 1] and [form 2], that means we won’t collect any VAT in advance, the actual VAT taxes and duties will collect by your local custom. Don’t worry, most countries do not charge duties for small orders.

4.Custom Duties
In some special countries and under certain circumstances, you may be required to pay customs duties to your local customs authorities before your goods are released. It is essential to stay informed about customs regulations and promptly settle any applicable import taxes and customs duties. Please be aware that once the goods are shipped, regardless of whether they are returned or destroyed, corresponding fees will be incurred. Pocobush will not assume responsibility for any costs related to customers’ refusal to pay tariffs or rejecting the goods.

Here are the VAT rates [form 1] applicable in various countries for reference:

CountryVATCountry code
United KingdomVAT 20%GB
CanadaVAT 10%CA
AustriaVAT 20%AT
BelgiumVAT 21%BE
BulgariaVAT 20%BG
CyprusVAT 19%CY
CroatiaVAT 25%HR
Czech RepublicVAT 21%CZ
DenmarkVAT 25%DK
FinlandVAT 24%FI
FranceVAT 20%FR
GermanyVAT 19%DE
GreeceVAT 24%GR
EstoniaVAT 20%EE
HungaryVAT 27%HU
IrelandVAT 23%IE
ItalyVAT 22%IT
LatviaVAT 21%LV
LithuaniaVAT 21%LT
LuxembourgVAT 17%LU
MaltaVAT 18%MT
NetherlandsVAT 21%NL
PolandVAT 23%PL
PortugalVAT 23%PT
RomaniaVAT 19%RO
SlovakiaVAT 20%SK
SloveniaVAT 22%SI
SpainVAT 21%ES
SwedenVAT 25%SE
MexicoVAT 16%MX
Saudi ArabiaVAT 15%SA
TurkeyVAT 30%TR

Here are the tax threshold [form 2] applicable in some countries for reference:

CountryImport tax thresholdCountry code
United StatesNo taxs below around 800usdUS
SingaporeNo taxs below around 290usdSG
New ZealandNo taxs below around 700usdNZ
AustraliaNo taxs below around 638usdAU
PhilippinesNo taxs below around 200usdPH

*Please note that the above forms is solely for explaining tax-related information. Tax rates and tax policies in various countries are subject to change at any time. Please refer to local relevant policies and regulations promptly.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us. Whether it’s a personal order or a corporate order, we are here to provide you with comprehensive service.

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