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Let your child enjoy warmth and comfort during outdoor activities with our thoughtfully designed children’s sleeping bag. Filled with 95% white goose down, it not only provides exceptional warmth but also boasts outstanding wind resistance.

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  • High Quality Down Filling: Utilizing 95% premium white goose down as filling, this children’s sleeping bag provides exceptional warmth and comfort. White goose down, known for its high down content, offers outstanding insulation, effectively keeping children warm during outdoor activities. Furthermore, the softness and fluffiness of the goose down make the sleeping bag not only warm and cozy but also lightweight and soft, creating a comfortable sleeping environment for children.
  • Ultralight:Down sleeping bags are much lighter than traditional synthetic sleeping bags, and due to the high loft of goose down, they are very easy to compress, making them the best choice for backpacking or hiking and camping.
  • Waterproof and Durable: Its special waterproof treatment enables the sleeping bag to effectively withstand damp environments, keeping the interior dry and comfortable. At the same time, its durability ensures the sleeping bag remains resilient during outdoor activities, minimizing the risk of damage or wear. This design not only allows children to enjoy warmth and comfort during outdoor adventures but also ensures the sleeping bag remains in excellent condition for an extended period, providing parents with a more durable and long-lasting option.
  • Bright Color: Featuring a range of vibrant colors, this sleeping bag allows you to easily spot your child outdoors, ensuring added safety. With multiple color options for both boys and girls, not only does it enhance the visual appeal of the sleeping bag, but it also creates a pleasant sleeping atmosphere for children, enabling them to express their personality and vitality during outdoor adventures.
  • Special Design: The warm jacket hood and adjustable head drawstring ensure head warmth, while the thoughtful insulated chest collar provides extra comfort. These uniquely designed details not only enhance the sleeping bag’s insulation performance but also create a safe and cozy sleeping environment for children, allowing them to fully enjoy the adventures of the great outdoors.

Please make the best use of it, thanks for your contribution to minimalist living and environmental protection

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Best Use

Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, outdoor Adventures, Mountain climbing


95% white goose down filling
20D 400T Nylon

Cleaning Method

Dry the surface with a wet rag or hand wash, but frequent hand washing is not recommended


Mommy type



Filling weight

400g, 600g, 800g, 1000g, 1200g, 1500g



Clothes Washing Tips:

Cotton/Cotton Spandex/Polyester Fiber/Nylon/Acrylic and Blended Products

  • Wash separately on the reverse side, do not soak, do not expose to the sun, use neutral detergent for washing, do not iron the decorations directly.


Fleece/Surface with Rubberized Fabric/Heat-Sealed, Seamless Film Coating for Clothing Products

  • Wash separately on the reverse side, do not soak, do not expose to the sun, wash with neutral detergent, do not iron.


Puffer Products

  • Wash separately on the reverse side, do not soak, do not expose to the sun, use neutral detergent to wash, do not iron;
  • After washing, please rinse with clean water to prevent stains;
  • The light and thin feathers are produced using special technology and treated with craftsmanship. They may exhibit a slight velvety phenomenon due to static electricity or friction, but this will not affect the normal performance of the product.


Pure Wool/Wool/Knitwear/Fleece Sweater and Others

  • Wash separately on the reverse side, do not soak, do not expose to the sun, wash with neutral detergent, do not wring out, and must be ironed with a cloth;
  • For some products, there may be slight shedding of short suede when they are worn or washed for the first time. This is a normal phenomenon and can be eliminated after two or three times of wearing and washing;
  • Please use a gentle washing method and avoid rubbing vigorously or using a brush to scrub.


Special decorations such as sequins, stitching beads, metal elements, etc., please hand wash on the reverse side using a gentle method, not machine washable.

If you are hesitant about the washing instruction, please feel free to drop us an email at We are more than happy to assist.


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